ICM Vacations Scam or Real Deal?

Do you own a timeshare and have been called by ICM Vacations in Swarthmore, PA?

No Scam


Here I will go over the timeshare resales and rental market and a short review on ICM Vacations. I have seen some reviews posted that they are a Scam or a Rip Off!. However none of these have any credible evidence. I will share my experience with the Timeshare resale market and some experiences with other companies then I will relate experience with ICM Vacations. You can then decide weather or not they are a scam. There are a lot of scams out there I know! But if you are in need or are thinking about, selling, renting or buying a timeshare then some info on an actual good business will be priceless.



Selling or Renting Your Timeshare.

frustration selling a timeshareIf you have tried to sell or rent out your timeshare you probably already know how much time energy and money it can be finding someone to get the job done without being scammed! I know from experience that there are fast talkers with all the hype and “guarantees’ to put your mind at ease about their ability to sell your timeshare, but once the money changes hands they are never heard from again! When you call then to check on things, they tell you that they just had a buyer and they are still negotiating ( that’s if they even answer the phone) and they will call YOU when there is a buyer! Ok after a cpl times of that.. you are ready to quit right?


Finally a Timeshare company that actually did something!


Great ideaWell one day I had an idea, rather than look for companies that were talking about being the leader in the timeshare resales or rental industry I decided to see who was actually selling them or atleast renting timeshares and track that to perhaps a legitimate company. It made sense to me and well it worked!!

I did a search for a local Timeshare and after sorting through some companies I tried a made inquires to a few of them. But it was at the site Rent a Timeshare that I found ICM Vacations. Apparently they have a full range of site that they use to market timeshare for both rent and sales and this was one of them!

My experience with ICM Vacations


Well I finally found a company that was actually doing something with timeshares and after I made my inquiry I was contacted by their office and they proceeded to actually help me rent a timeshare! I was amazed that it wasn’t a tease to try to only sell me a timeshare although the agent did make me aware that they were for sale. I felt that this was the real deal. I asked them to tell me about their business , their program and success. I already knew that they were trying, but I still needed to hear that from the agent.

I had earlier decided that I was abler to keep my timeshare and that now I was just interested in renting out some extra points that I had building up. I was transferred to another department which also made me feel good about this company in that it was certainly more organized than I had expected and had previously experienced with other companies

I talked with the new agent that was in charge of sales and proceeded to discuss what I had and what I wanted. He went over the value of my points, how many I wanted to rent out. asked if i were interested in selling I told him politely “not at this time, but perhaps in the future” he didn’t persist which was again great. Well after we concluded our business and I was all signed up. I was transferred yet again.. to verify everything the agent and I went over to make sure that I was NOT told anything that wasn’t true and that I understood what they were doing today. I really felt confident in this company.

As typical I wondered will they ever call lol After all my experiences with the other companies I was still uneasy. But I calmed down and just waited. It wasn’t more than 2 1/2 weeks I received a call from them! I was curious at first wondering why they were calling back,, perhaps there was a problem. Well No there wasn’t a problem they had an interested renter!! I was shocked to say the least. I have never ever heard from any of the other companies I dealt with, even after I called 1 of them back !

Well after some back and forth with the couple that was interested in renting my unit we finally reached an agreement and I received CASH within a few days!! I had finally found someone who actually did what they said they were going to do.

Now in all fairness I have not spoken with anyone else who has dealt with them and I have not put my timeshare up for sale with them. That could be a whole new ball game. But for me and my rental ICM Vacations in Swarthmore, PA turned out to be the real deal!!

Hopefully this helps I put there site and BBB profile below if you want to check them out further like I did

Video for ICM Vacations


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