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When most people hear about Timeshares they usually think of long presentations and ownership, that they will have to pay for yearly.

Most people never consider the possibilities of vacationing in luxury by using a Timeshare Rentals.

We have helped hundreds of vacationers like you enjoy the vacation of their dreams, one they thought they could never afford.




What is  a Timeshare Rental?

Timeshare rentals are often over looked as a option for vacation travel. Luxury Timeshare are available at every major tourist destination in the world and are often less expensive than a typical hotel  and definitely more than a room rental.

Perfect for larger groups and large families who need or want more than a double and pullout sofa in a cramped dark room.

Timeshare Rentals are luxury condos, and as such, they have every amenity you could imagine like swimming pools, hot tubs,  tennis courts, golf and more.

Timeshare can have up to 4 private bedrooms, a full kitchen, multiple bathrooms, closets, and ample room to lounge in comfort if a rainy day hits.

Don’t feel like cooking in  no problem Timeshare are  resorts and there you will find world class restaurant and somewhere to catch a show afterwords within close proximity


Looking for a memorable vacation take  a look at our inventory now.
Timeshare Rentals

Why are Timeshare Rentals so Affordable?

Wyndham Grand Desert, Las Vegas
Wyndham Grand Desert, Las Vegas

We can provide you with the best prices for a Timeshare rentals because we represent Timeshare owners, and they from time to time don’t use or have extra points or weeks that have to be used, or banked. So instead of letting them pile up or pass by the rent then out to other people, owners and non owners alike can make use of them.

They are typically only interested in recovering their fees which are always lower than ANY rental price you would pay to rent from the resort itself.

Where are Timeshares available?

Timeshare are available  in over 100 countries, and in thousands  towns and cities. Some of the more popular timeshare rental destinations are in N. America like Florida, Hawaii and Mexico, but there are also timeshares and rentals available in Europe,South America, South Africa, as well as in Australia and the South Pacific. Your choices are endless!


What are the top Timeshare Rental Companies?

Nearly ever resorts is going to be top notch, but there are some that are better know for luxury and value. Below are some of the best known and best run Timeshare Resorts.

  • Bluegreen Resorts
  • Diamond Resorts International®
  • Embassy Vacation Resorts
  • Fairfield Resorts (now owned by Wyndham)
  • Mayan Resorts
  • Monarch Grand Vacations
  • Westgate Resorts
  • Wyndham Vacation Ownership

Plus we carry Timeshare exchanges like RCI and Interval International

Imagine you and your family can travel and live in luxury for less than a typical hotel. Timeshares offer many more luxuries and amenities that you would ever get anywhere else.

So fill out the form on the right to get started and start planing the vacation of your dreams.


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