Pet Friendly Vacation Timeshares

If you own a pet and the idea of leaving your friend behind while you go and have fun disheartens you, you are not alone. There are quite of few timeshare resorts that understand this and have made accommodations to bring that part of the family along to enjoy the vacation.

Timeshare Resorts that offer this special accommodation have a range of services and amenities to make any pets stay as enjoyable as possible. Including grooming, walking, and more. This is an appealing feature to timeshare ownership that you will be hard pressed to find at any hotel/motel.

First there are a few things to consider when making your selection on where to go.

1) Where to go – Your animals needs and lifestyle should be considered before making a selection. Will there be enough room to roam, will they provide enough exercising.

2) Diet or medical needs

3) Always check with the resort to check on any restrictions on types of pets or breeds, weight or limitations on number of pets.

4) Find out what pet friendly means to that particular resort. There can be a difference in facilitation, some may allows pets indoors while others may only offer a kennel.
5) Check for fees that may not be included in the resorts package for the timeshare.

6) If you are traveling abroad makes sure you bring all your documents for the pet, some countries may want to see ownership , vaccination papers etc.

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