Timeshare Transfers

Timeshare Transfers

When you have found a buyer or a seller you will then need to finalize the process and the transfers of ownership. This is where all the legal paper work needs to be filed, filled in, and various people notified. Below are the steps and details of the process of a timeshare transfer. We recommend and use Timeshare Transfers,Inc.

Document Preparation
Proper Warranty Deed, Quit Claim Deed, Grant Deed, or Membership Transfer to correctly transfer ownership.

Personal Contact with Buyer and Seller
Your Closing Agent verifies all information and keeps you informed throughout the closing.

Collection of Purchase Funds
Purchase funds are held safely in escrow until all documents are in order.

Deed Recording and Recording Fees
State and county requirements to properly record your deed. They complete the necessary documentation and send the appropriate fees.

Disbursement of Funds to Seller

Notification to Resort of Change of Ownership
They contact the resort and send a copy of the recorded deed to notify them of new ownership.

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